Event Objective / 會議目的

"The Joint Hong Kong and Tianjin Seminar for Sustainable Building, Tianjin 2009" is one of its first to be held in Tianjin in effort to promote professional services in Hong Kong and technology transfer.

The seminars is organized as a joint venture of the Professional Green Building Council of Hong Kong (PGBC) and the Tianjin University where expert speakers from the 5 professional disciplines of architects, engineers, landscape architects, surveyors and planners, along with local keynote speakers from Tianjin and Hong Kong and international keynote speakers, will share with the mainland audience their professional experience and know-how of sustainable building and development.

The event is the fourth of its series with the first one held in Shanghai 2004, second in Guangzhou 2005 and third in Hangzhou 2007 (please visit the website of pgbc www.hkpgbc.org for a complete documentation of the event).. The seminars will take place in October 2009 in Tianjin University, Tianjin along with an exhibition of works from Hong Kong.

“ 香港天津可持續發展建築技術專業咨詢研討會﹐天津2009 ” 第一次在天津召開以促進香港專業服務和技術交流。

此研討會是屬於這個系列的第 4 個- 首次 研討會 2004 年在上海舉行﹐第二是2005 年在廣州舉行, 第三是2007在杭州舉行( 詳情請到 www.hkpgbc.org) 。 研討會及展覽 于 2009 年10月份天津大學舉行。