Enquiry/ 聯絡我們

Hong Kong Contact/ 香港聯絡
Miss. Grace Tang/ Miss. Rubi Leung
(+852) 9880 5555/ (+852) 9647 0881
yq@netvigator.com/ rubi.leung@gmail.com

Mainland Contact/ 國內聯絡
Miss Dong Xihong 董西紅(小姐)
(+86) 022-27404491, (+86) 27406776-2116

Registration to this conference is free of charge. For Hong Kong participants please download the registration form here and return to Miss. Rubi Leung before 18th October 2009.

Conference Announcement


鳴謝 Acknowledgements

資助機構 Funding Organization

Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

主辦單位 Organisers
香港環保建築專業議會 Hong Kong Professional Green Building Council (PGBC)
天津大學 Tianjin University

香港建築師學會 Hong Kong Institute of Architects
香港工程師學會 Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
香港園境師學會 Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects
香港規劃師學會 Hong Kong Institute of Planners
香港測量師學會 Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
香港大學 The University of Hong Kong

籌備委員會 Organising Committee
OC Chairman主席: Stephen S. Y. Lau 劉少瑜 (HKPGBC), Lui Tong Tong 劉彤彤 (TJU)
Vice OC Chairman副主席 : Martin Tam譚天放 (HKPGBC)

Edwin Chan (HKPGBC)
Leslie Chen (HKPGBC)
Johanna Cheng (HKPGBC)
Victor Cheung (HKPGBC)
K.K. Choy (HKPGBC)
Reuben Chu (HKPGBC)
Dong Xi Hong 董西? (TJU)
Evans Iu (HKPGBC)
Maurice Lee (HKPGBC)
Rubi Leung (HKPGBC)
David Mui (HKPGBC)
Simon Ng (HKPGBC)
James Pong (HKPGBC)
Grace Tang (HKPGBC)
K.S. Wong (HKPGBC)
Neil Yang (HKU)

展覽 Exhibition
“Lighter Footprint, Higher Liveability: In search of a compact Liveable City”, Courtesy of HKPGBC
“追尋一個緊?型的宜居城市:更淺的生態足跡,更高的宜居性”, 由香港環保建築專業議會提供
翻譯Translation: Neil Yang 楊峰, Eric Gou 苟中華