Tianjin City / 天津市

天津市 Tianjin City   歷史風貌建筑Historical Buildings


作為中國最大的工業中心,天津已建立了全面的工業體系,作為支柱,包括機械,電子,紡織,化工,冶金,食品等 ﹔以及生產具有重要國家地位的藝術和手工藝,包括手作地毯,楊柳青木刻板畫,泥人張 彩塑,風箏等。

最為人熟識的風景名勝和歷史遺址包括天后宮俗稱“娘娘宮”,薊縣獨樂寺,黃崖關長城,盤山景區等 ﹔還有著名的19世紀歐洲風格的?史?貌建筑。天津非常便捷,火車站,地鐵,會展中心及購物中心就在城中。


Brief Introduction of Tianjin City

Tianjin (Jin for short) is an opening city, Administratively it is one of the four municipalities that have provincial-level status, reporting directly to the central government Also, its urban land area is the third largest in China, ranked only after Beijing and Shanghai. Tianjin is one of the most prosperous business areas as well as a distribution center for goods and materials in North China. Tianjin is one of the origins of Universities, railways, aviation and posting systems in China.

As one of China's biggest industrial centers, Tianjin has built up an all-round industrial system with machinery, electronics, textiles, chemicals, metallurgy, foodstuff etc. as its mainstays. The production on a fairly large scale, of arts and crafts like hand-made carpets, Yangliuqing's New Year Pictures printed from an engraved wood plate, Zhang's painted clay figurines, kites etc. holds an important position in the country.

Tianjin is a famous historical city. The best known scenic spots and historical sites include Tianhou Temple (Temple of Heavenly Empress), Dule Temple in Ji Xian, The Great Wall at the Huangya Pass, the Panshan scenery area etc. Tianjin is well known for its 19th-century European-style buildings of the former concessions. The modern railway station, subway line, convention center add nice touches to the city.

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