Theme A : Connecting the Pearl River Delta Region -

The conference intends to bring stakeholders from different societies and industries to work towards a sustainable economic region of the 21st century. It seeks to establish a closer working and research links among officials, practitioners, investors, builders, users and educators from the PRD cities.

Theme B : Creating a livable, healthy and environmentally viable cities -

These relate to a vision for our future city, that the city shall be a place where everyone enjoys staying happily forever. This is the true spirit of a sustainable city.

Theme C : Education and Market Transformation -

It is imperative to equip and foster our future generation to be responsible, educated and environmentally conscious in order to take onto their shoulder the greater task of safeguarding and protecting the environment, nature and man-made. Similarly, it is imperative to declare the efforts of proclaiming sustainability by initiating a market transformation and cultural change, calling on social and environmental responsibilities from individual to the enterprise.

Topics :

Urban Planning, Infrastructure, Building Construction and Waste Management, Climate Change, Energy Conservation and Auditing, Healthy & Intelligent Building, Sustainable Technologies, LCC & POE and Market Transformation.