Honorary Advisors (2013 - 2014)

Mr CHAN Mo Po, Paul, MH, JP
Secretary for Development

Mr WONG Kam Sing, JP
Secretary for the Environment

Ms WONG Sean Yee, Anissa, JP
Permanent Secretary for the Environment /
Director of Environmental Protection

Mr Duncan Warren PESCOD, JP
Permanent Secretary for Transport & Housing (Housing) /
Director of Housing

Mr LEUNG Koon Kee, JP
Director of Architectural Services

Mr AU Choi Kai, JP
Director of Buildings

Ir HON Chi Keung, JP
Director of Civil Engineering and Development

Ir CHAN Fan, Frank, JP
Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services

Mrs FUNG CHING Suk Yee, Betty, JP
Director of Leisure & Cultural Services

Mr LING Kar Kan, JP
Director of Planning

Ir MA Lee Tak, JP
Director of Water Supplies

Ir CHAN Chi Chiu, JP
Director of Drainage Services